Do You Hit Things?

ushiro geri

As karate is primarily a striking art, I have always believed in punch bag, focus pads, kick shield and makiwara, training.You may disagree, but one of my primary objectives with new and experienced karateka, is to encourage them to hit fast and hard. Not only is this an essential part of a striking art, such […]

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Continuous Attack Against Amashi Waza

amashi waza

Amashi-waza (body shift and switch) is a form of Go-no-sen (response after opponent’s attack). Amashi-Waza Video Tutorial below this article In its basic form it uses stretching the distance in order to avoid the attack and switch in direction to execute counter attack. The longer the distance involved the easier for initiating side to adjust […]

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Blocking Too Early

gyaku zuki

Being too eager to respond to opponent’s action, whether it means the attack or block that is too early, gives the other side strategic advantage. ​Video below this articleWhat it means is that initiating (attacking) side can invest less energy in order to receive more energy from blocking side in return. In other words the […]

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Vertical Slingshot

mae geri

Technically speaking vertical slingshot is an essence of karate technique. It is a movement pattern which combines its internal and external aspects and does so in optimal proportion – in the way which “extracts” maximum energy out of the movement. That translates into unique quality and another level of performance, especially when speed, power and […]

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