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Happy New Year

We would just like to wish everyone a very healthy and happy new year 🙂 Oss!!!!!


Gichin Funakoshi 20 Guiding Principles Of Karatedo Niju Kun

Master Gichin Funakoshi, the founder of Shotokan karate, laid out the Twenty Precepts of Karate (Niju kun), which are there as a guide for all karateka to follow and adhere to. These principles form the foundations Shotokan karate. These twenty principles were based heavily on Bushido and Zen. The principles allude to notions of respect, […]


Mae Ashi Mawashi Geri (Front Leg Round House Kick) Exercise

Mae Ashi Mawashi Geri Shotokan Exercise Using Three Different Distances Video at the bottom of this article. 1. Both karateka start from left fighting stance. 2. First person kick three left leg mae ashi mawashi geri, be sure to touch the target and try not to let the arms move out from the body. 3. […]


Shotokan Karate Dojo Are They All The Same?

This isn’t talked about much, but it should be noted that no two shotokan dojo are the same! Yes, they nearly all practice the same kata, kumite and kihon, but there are many different types of karate dojo. Some shotokan karate dojo focus on tournament training, most shotokan dojo tend to focus on what people […]


The Karate Warm Up And Stretch

This is one of the most neglected parts of karate practice and it is a part of karate that a karateka ignores at their peril. (stretching video at the bottom of this article) Not only is stretching healthy, it also helps prevent injury during karate classes. Stretching should be practiced before and after your karate […]


11 Shotokan Karate Tips To Help Your Kumite

Here are some very basic shotokan kumite tips to help with your sparring, many karateka ignore these basic areas, in favour of intricate combinations and sparring drills. But these areas are what creates a great karateka! Some karateka hate the kumite part of the class and some only go for the kumite! But whether you enjoy […]


Are You A Karate Super Sensei?

Are you a ‘Super Sensei’, or do you train with one? If you are one, I’m probably going to upset you now, if you train with one, you’re probably going to be one, sooner or later. If you’re not a Super Sensei, or training with one, then I hope you enjoy this article. There is […]


Self Defence And Looking Into The Future Be Aware!

An important part of karate practice and especially self defence, is awareness! Wherever you are, you need to ba aware of the people around you, the people moving towards you, away from you, the people who are looking at you. While at the same time you are aware of people, you need to also be […]


Are Karate Competitions Good Or Bad?

My short answer is a definate yes, they are good. As karate competitions can bring out the best in people. But that can quickly turn to a definate no, they are bad for many karateka who compete. As karate competitions can also bring out the worst in people. As many Sensei reading this will agree, […]

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