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The Karate Fist Seiken (fore-fist) Video

Forming the karate fist (seiken) 1. Start from your little finger and bend the fingers in half, one finger at a time. 2. Once the fingers are folded in half, start from the little fingers and roll the fingers, one at a time into a full karate fist, make sure the thumbs are tight and […]


Shotokan Karate Dojo Are They All The Same?

This isn’t talked about much, but it should be noted that no two shotokan dojo are the same! Yes, they nearly all practice the same kata, kumite and kihon, but there are many different types of karate dojo. Some shotokan karate dojo focus on tournament training, most shotokan dojo tend to focus on what people […]


Self Defence And Looking Into The Future Be Aware!

An important part of karate practice and especially self defence, is awareness! Wherever you are, you need to ba aware of the people around you, the people moving towards you, away from you, the people who are looking at you. While at the same time you are aware of people, you need to also be […]


13 Shotokan Kata Tips To Take Your Kata To The Next Level

Here are some Shotokan kata tips to help with your training. They are in no particular order and if you have any other tips, please leave a message at the bottom and share with all of our members. I know it’s the dreaded number 13, but many Chinese believe 13 to be a lucky number  […]