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Kizami-Zuki And Gyaku-Zuki Basic Combination

Video at the bottom of this page where we look at shomen hanmi and the use of the legs, whilst punching kizami-zuki and gyaku-zuki.Kizami-zuki and gyaku-zuki from front stance.Shomen and hanmi are an essential part of shotokan karate, but sometimes it takes a little while to understand. There are different explanations of shomen and hanmi.My […]


Do You Hit Things?

As karate is primarily a striking art, I have always believed in punch bag, focus pads, kick shield and makiwara, training.You may disagree, but one of my primary objectives with new and experienced karateka, is to encourage them to hit fast and hard. Not only is this an essential part of a striking art, such […]


The ‘Shock Hit’ In And Out Of The Karate Dojo

One of our Karate club’s, Brown Belt’s, was kicked in the head recently with a beautifully timed and controlled mawashigeri (roundhouse kick). He was stunned, shocked and bewildered, but he was ok. The karate kick was well controlled, no lost teeth, no knockout, no broken jaw, no broken nose, in fact, no broken anything. So […]


Shotokan Karate – Which Is More Important – Spirit or Technique?

I believe Seishin (spirit) to be one of the most important aspects of karate practice. Technique is also important, but if someone has no spirit, their karate is just like a dance, it does not matter how good the technique is, if there is no spirit, there is no karate! Sometimes your spirit is all […]


Ikken Hissatsu

The Japanese phrase Ikken Hissatsu is made up of three kanji, (ichi) meaning “one” , (ken) meaning “fist” and hissatsu meaning “certain kill or death”. To kill with one blow (ikken hissatsu) is a martial arts concept that, in todays modern world, very few karateka adhere to. No one knows for sure when ikken hissatsu […]


Basic Shotokan Karate Techniques From Shizentai

Thrive Leads Shortcode could not be rendered, please check it in Thrive Leads Section!Here is a good shotokan karate training combination, comprising of basic strikes from shizentai or yoi dachi (natural stance). In this exercise Marcus is using the basic shotokan karate moves, chokuu zuki (straight punch), teisho uchi (palm heel strike), heito uchi (ridge […]


Target Exercise Using Oi Zuki Technique

Shotokan Karate Training Videos Target Exercise Using Oi Zuki Technique The sooner a karateka understands distance (ma-ai), the better. This is a very simple but effective distance and target exercise. From kamae step and attack oi zuki in zenkutsudachi. The basic principles apply, keep low, use the driving leg, keep the back straight, shoulders down, […]


The Karate Fist Seiken (fore-fist) Video

​The below article and video are from our FREE 7 Day Video Home Study Course, ​ you ​can also get access​ our bronze membership level for FREE!!Forming the karate fist (seiken) 1. Start from your little finger and bend the fingers in half, one finger at a time. 2. Once the fingers are folded in […]

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