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shotokan kataMy name is Linden Huckle and I am the founder of ShotokanKarateOnline.com, which has been created as a resource for Shotokan Karateka all over the world. We are not interested in the political side of karate and everyone is welcome on our website, irrespective of grade, association and whether or not someone practices karate at a Dojo, or in their own home!

We will have tutorials in everything Shotokan, from Kihon (basics), to Kumite (sparring), Kata (form), lesson plans, history, philosophy, health, fitness, events and much more.

A lot of the content on the website will be free, however, there will also be a paid membership area, more information can be found on our membership levels by clicking here or on the ‘Login’ link in the menu at the top of the page.

We are always looking for quality Shotokan content, video tutorials, articles, etc. We have an amazing opportunity for senior Shotokan Sensei. If you are a senior Sensei and feel you could provide content for our members, please Click Here for details.


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