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Ikken Hissatsu

The Japanese phrase Ikken Hissatsu is made up of three kanji, (ichi) meaning “one” , (ken) meaning “fist” and hissatsu meaning “certain kill or death”. To kill with one blow (ikken hissatsu) is a martial arts concept that, in todays modern world, very few karateka adhere to. No one knows for sure when ikken hissatsu […]


11 Shotokan Karate Tips To Help Your Kumite

Here are some very basic shotokan kumite tips to help with your sparring, many karateka ignore these basic areas, in favour of intricate combinations and sparring drills. But these areas are what creates a great karateka! Some karateka hate the kumite part of the class and some only go for the kumite! But whether you enjoy […]