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Which of These Unsu Kata Video Do You Like?

​We would love to know what you think. Please leave a comment at the bottom of these videos. Oss!Unsu! Probably the most difficult Shotokan kata, both physically and technically. A very dynamic kata, tr​ansferring from slow karate moves into extremely explosive karate techniques and combinations. There are twists, turns, spins, a jump up and a […]


Kihon Kata or Taikyoku Shodan Shotokan Karate Kata Tutorial

Probably the Most Important Shotokan Karate KataKihon Kata Video Tutorial below this article Correct practice of Kihon kata or Taikyoku Shodan is vital to shotokan karate practitioners. This karate kata only consists of two different karate moves, oizuki (stepping punch) and gedanbarai (downward block). But within these two ‘simple’ karate techniques, lay the basic fundamentals […]


Shotokan Kata The Heian Kata Series

Why do Shotokan sensei place so much emphasise on the five Heian kata? I believe it’s not just a tradition passed down from sensei to student because it’s part of the examination sylabus. To me, the Heian kata build a strong foundation in kyu grade karateka, that enables them to fully understand all the fundementals […]


Bassai Dai Tutorial 1

Bassai Dai Video tutorial at the bottom of this page. Bassai Dai translates as “To storm a fortress” and is practiced in many styles of karate. There are many variations of the original Passai, which was the original name for Bassai. It is believed that there were two versions of Passai practiced on Okinawa. Karate […]


The 27 Shotokan Kata

We appreciate that many Shotokan Dojo practice more kata, but here, we are just going to mention the 27 standard Shotokan kata that are practiced by thousands of karateka all over the world. Several Shotokan groups have introduced other shotokan kata and kata from other styles, into their training, but when the JKA (Japan Karate […]


13 Shotokan Kata Tips To Take Your Kata To The Next Level

Thrive Leads Shortcode could not be rendered, please check it in Thrive Leads Section!Here are some Shotokan kata tips to help with your training. They are in no particular order and if you have any other tips, please leave a message at the bottom and share with all of our members. I know it’s the […]